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Frequently Asked Questions


The following are answers to frequently asked questions about owning a townhouse, living in Castle Ridge, our association, and the responsibilities of the management company.

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As a condominium owner, you own the title to your condominium, which is commonly referred to as a "Unit". You also own jointly with your neighbors an undivided interest in the "Common Elements" of the property.
Common Elements belong to everyone in your community. Examples of Common Elements are paved areas, landscaped areas, and the exterior of the buildings.

What does this mean to you? First and foremost, you are 100% responsible for the maintenance and repair to the interior of your Unit. Your obligations and those of the Association are more clearly defined in Itemized Responsibilities list.

In addition, you should know that while you have the right to paint or decorate the inside of your Unit, you do not have the right to change the appearance of any portion of Common Elements.

Maintenance requests or repairs for any item that is the responsibility of the Association should be directed through the Management Office. The phone number and contact information is located on the Contact Us page.

Castle Ridge Owner and Association Itemized Responsibilities

All Appliances
Complete Air Conditioning System
Complete Heating System
Interior Plumbing
Exterior Water Faucets
Interior Electric
All Electric Fixtures, Switches, Outlets
 and Circuit Breakers
Exterior Light Fixtures
Door Locks
Door Bells
Sliding Glass Doors
Interior Doors
Storm/Screen Doors
Garage Door Openers
Metal Crawl Space Door
Interior Exterminating
Interior Insurance
Sumps and Sump Pumps
Routine Maintenance of
  Front Walks and Steps
  Exterior Landings
Satellite Dishes
Chimney Cleaning
Dryer Vents & Cleaning
Crawl Spaces

Snow Removal *
Trash & Recycling Pick-Up
Pool & Pool House
Irrigation System
Site Lighting
Gutters, Leaders & Downspouts
Roads and Parking Spaces
Privacy Fences
Site Fences
Front Entrance Doors
Tennis Courts
Garage Doors
Wooden Crawl Space Cover
Exterior Exterminating
Exterior Insurance
Exterior Sump Pump Discharge Line
Repair and Replacement of
  Front Walks and Steps
  Exterior Landings
Street & Site Signs
Unit Numbers
Exterior Vent Pipes & Caps
Mailbox Stations


* As per the By-Laws,
The Unit Owner is responsible for
shoveling their own steps,
deck/patio and driveway.

While the Association insures the Common Elements against fire and other perils, and provides liability coverage, you are required to cover the interior of your unit, as well as the contents of your unit and personal liability coverage.

Castle Ridge has selected USI Insurance Services to provide the Association's Master Insurance Policy. If any homeowner gets a request from the mortgage company for Evidence of Insurance, you can download the request for Evidence of Insurance or the Coverage Summary Letter. For more information, contact EOIDirect at 877-456-3643 or visit

Your financial obligations as a condominium owner are similar to those of a single family homeowner. Payment of real estate taxes, mortgage payments if your property is mortgaged, utility bills, insurance for the interior and contents of your home, except that you are also required to pay a monthly assessment fee, which represents your proportionate share of the costs of operating and maintaining the entire property.

The Association and Management are no longer recommending vendors in the community as some vendors have not been suitable or charge high fees.

However, we do recommend that when hiring a contractor you obtain three bids from three different contractors to ensure you have adequate information before hiring a contractor to perform work.

Homeowners who hire a contractor to perform work must supply management with a copy of your contractor’s insurance naming Castle Ridge, C.A., Inc. and Taylor Management Company as additional insureds. The contractor must be registered by the State of New Jersey. Most contractors will provide free estimates.

Yes. However, in accordance with the rules of the Association, you may not rent for a period of less than one year and the lease must be in writing. A copy of the lease must be supplied to management.

Note: Owners cannot rent to anyone who has a pet.

Every owner or co-owner of a unit is a member of the Association. Each unit may exercise one vote in any Association election, provided the owner(s) are not delinquent in their maintenance fees and are in good standing with the Association.

Your maintenance fee covers the following services; landscaping, upkeep and repair of the exterior of the buildings, exterior exterminating service, snow removal, insurance on all Common Elements, payment of all Association contractors, professional services for the Association, and common area utility charges.

Your maintenance fee is based on an annual estimated operating budget, calculated to cover all costs related to operation and maintenance of the total property. Operating budgets are approved by your Board of Trustees, based on conditions it expects to exist, actions it expects to take, and on prior accounting records of actual operating expenses in previous years.

Our management company is responsible for the administration of your Association's operating budget (which is approved annually by the Board of Trustees), collection of monthly assessments, and maintenance of the Common Elements and supervision of all contractual services.

Your Association is governed by elected representatives, the Board of Trustees. The names of the current Trustees can be found on the Board of Trustees page. Trustees are guided in the administration of your Association by the Master Deed and By-Laws, as well as any and all applicable federal, state and local statutes, regulations and case law.

Your Board of Trustees, who meets regularly, approves an annual budget, sets the level of services to be provided by the Management Company and is responsible for all major policy decisions relating to the operations of the community. The Board is not, however, a police department, landlord, or a security or maintenance service. Please remember that the Board of Trustees is staffed by volunteer owners, such as yourself.

While our Association employs a professional management company to oversee the everyday management of our community, the Board of Trustees is responsible for making all decisions regarding the Association. The Management Company acts as a liaison between the Owners and the Board, and provides a conduit for Owners to direct their concerns and requests.